While regulators and try to find ways to reduce the financial footprint of domestic institutions, American banks continue to lag behind their global competitors such as China. In fact, fully eight of the top 10 banks in the world are based outside the U.S., according to the most recent rankings from S&P Global Market Intelligence. JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest banks in the US. Bank of America is the only other U.S. institution in the global top 10. These are lists of the largest, banks in the world, as measured by total assets and market capitalization. The list includes largest banks in the world by market cap and largest banks in the world by capital.

1) Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

Headquarters: China
Assets: $3,616.39 billion

2) China Construction Bank

Rank: 02
Headquarters: China
Assets: $2,939.15 billion

3) Agricultural Bank of China

Rank: 03
Headquarters: China
Assets: $2,816.60 billion

4) HSBC Holdings

Rank: 04
Headquarters: UK
Assets: $2,449.60 billion

5) Bank of China

Rank: 05
Headquarters: China
Assets: $2,670 billion

6) JPMorgan Chase

Rank: 06
Headquarters: US
Assets: $2,400.04 billion

7) BNP Paribas

Rank: 07
Headquarters: France
Assets: $2,323.24 billion

8) Mitsubishi UFJ

Rank: 08
Headquarters: Japan
Assets: $2,629.31 billion

9) Bank of America

Rank: 09
Headquarters: US
Assets: $2,149.03 billion

10) Credit Agricole

Rank: 10
Headquarters: France
Assets: $1,911.27 billion

Top 20 Largest Banks in the World

11) Deutsche Bank

Rank: 11
Headquarters: Germany
Assets: $1,901.37 billion

12) Barclays PLC

Rank: 12
Headquarters: UK
Assets: $1,882.67 billion

13) Citigroup Inc

Rank: 13
Headquarters: US
Assets: $1,829.37 billion

14) Wells Fargo

Headquarters: US
Assets: $1,790 billion

15) Japan Post Bank

Headquarters: Japan
Assets: $1,701.60 billion

16) China Development Bank

Headquarters: China
Assets: $1,613.20 billion

17) Mizuho Financial Group

Headquarters: Japan
Assets: $1,563.88 billion

18) Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group

Headquarters: Japan
Assets: $1,526.98 billion

19) Societe Generale

Headquarters: France
Assets: $1,525.76 billion

20) Royal Bank of Scotland

Headquarters: UK
Assets: $1,517.99 billion